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Go digital - like today's guest

Eliminate traditional landlines and offer a modern contactless solution to give convenience to your guests during their stay and make their experience amazing.

Optimize your resources by using a channel that is also easy to manage for your staff.


Concierge Chat

Let your guests get in touch with you for any queries through a simple text. Guests can message the staff to receive personalised assistance. Create a Guest Service bot to automate responses to common questions.

Room extension phone on the guest’s mobile

Allow your guests to use their mobile devices to make calls to any in-house extensions such as housekeeping, restaurants, spa, etc., offering guests immediate assistance, not just from their room but from anywhere in the property.

Skip the in room directories

And the long speech during check-in. With our digital directory, you can say goodbye to paper booklets, save your front desk’s time while making detailed information about your hotel available to guests from the comfort of their phones

Revolutionize your hotel's 

guest experience

Easy setup. Endless possibilities.

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