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Manage smarter, not harder

Your staff's new comrade for giving incredible service 

Minimize phone calls and trips to reception by empowering your staff with an easy to use app that helps them manage requests efficiently.

Simple, easy-to-use and adaptive to your setup

Optimize your hotel's resources

Enhance guest experience with quick service

Attend to guest requests and queries instantaneously


Let your staff escalate requests to managers or executives in a structured manner for better management.


Managers can easily communicate with guests about specific requirements directly via the concierge chat or easyphone feature

Receive & Track

Receive requests and track their real time status on the app. Get updates when it is accepted, completed or rejected. 

Take requests on the go

Allow your staff to place orders or make requests on your guests' behalf on a centralized platform from anywhere in the property.

See F&B Management →

Quick edits for
day-to-day updates

Marketing on the go

Update the home page of your app or push promos and offers for guests from your app.

Manage Menus

Manage contents, pricing, timings and guest access to a single items or an entire service through your staff app.

User Access

Manage staff access to services and rooms; and limit edit and escalation features as needed.

Monitor Feedback

Identify areas for improvement by spotting unpleasant experiences, and transform these into positive reviews.


Empower your staff to be more agile

Chrome Icon.png

The staff app can be accessed in a web browser and does not need any specific installations. It is also available as Android and iOS app for smartphones.

Apple Icon.png

Mobile app for Executives

The executive mobile app gives exclusive access to manage content, rooms, user access, feedbacks and escalations on the go.

Embedded App Icon.png

Staff app provides limited access to requests as per services assigned. Staff can track and  escalate issues to their managers from the app.

Revolutionize your hotel's 

guest experience

Easy setup. Endless possibilities.

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