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Streamline Operations

A system that adapts to the way you work, not the other way around

Service Management

Deploy a hassle-free way of communicating real time hotel updates to guests by conveying availability of services with all their details and edit them as and when needed.

Monitor TAT and escalated orders

Detect problems faced by your staff through escalation alerts and TAT reports. React in a timely manner to improve your processes and coordinate the performance of your hotel operations.

Events & Activities

Showcase any events or activites at your property on the guest app and enable your guests to make booking requests directly to a centralized system.

Reduce calls to front desk

Reduce calls to front desk for requests or queries by making it all accessible in the guest app or through the concierge chat, Your staff will be able to manage and track requests, issues, and their status as easily as taking your phone out of your pocket.

User Management

Assign staff to particular rooms or services so that they receive requests only specific to them. Group staff with line managers, general managers and supervisors for better monitoring.

Manage multiple outlets

Manage multiple restaurants under one property, and multiple hotels under one organization. Users and services can be added separately or can be clubbed together as per your preference.

Revolutionize your hotel's 

guest experience

Easy setup. Endless possibilities.

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