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Get feedbacks at moments that matter

Collect feedback during the stay, to enable your hotel to efficiently solve problems and turn dissatisfied guests into promoters. Improve your online reputation by increasing positive reviews on public platforms.


Track Guest satisfaction level in real time

Auto-collect instant feedback after each interaction with the guests and get alerted over negative feedbacks. Take timely measures to ensure negative experiences don't turn into negative reviews

Monitor and improve guest satisfaction

Get a detailed analysis report that lets you connect  better with your guests. Identify your strengths & short-comings to overcome them thereby enhancing the overall service of your business.

Encourage satisfied guests to spread the word

Positive feedbacks go online as a reviews, Negative ones come to you. analyzes end-of-stay feedbacks and prompts only positive feedbacks for reviewing online 

Revolutionize your hotel's 

guest experience

Easy setup. Endless possibilities.

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