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Guest experience: definitive guide to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to every hotel chain and B&B. It is comparable to defusing a bomb. Your strategy's specifics may disguise flaws. Even if you follow the strategy exactly, one mistake can still ruin it. Do you understand what I'm saying?


It has always been crucial for hotels to give their customers unique experiences. even before the advent of review and booking websites online. All departments are tasked with exceeding customers' expectations. Success depends on that, whether the organization is a large chain hotel or a small B&B. Even if you follow all the instructions precisely, one slip-up can ruin your entire strategy. However, there is good news. You'll learn how to deliver a fantastic guest experience in this post. And how using technology will help you comprehend your guests better.


Guest Engagement.

The whole of your guests' contacts with your hotel has traditionally been considered to be their overall guest experience. This begins before they make a reservation—from the moment they decide you're the best choice for their trip or vacation—and lasts all the way through check-out. Keeping guests satisfied is challenging. Your brand will be shaped by everything people do, from product consumption to interpersonal encounters. What should you concentrate on to attract devoted customers?


The importance of receptions to the guest experience is well known to those who have worked in them.

The rest of the customers' stay will be impacted if they wait too long, receive poor service, or receive ambiguous responses to their questions. First impressions matter. At the very least, if you want to guarantee customer delight.

You should utilize technology for this reason. Your staff will work more effectively .

Even when they are far from a reception area, mobile devices can manage a large number of requests. Customers won't have to ask straightforward questions to your staff because they can be answered better and faster with a guest experience.

Everything else will proceed without a hitch, especially in hotels with long lineups. There are several ways to improve guest experience in hotels:

  • Use technology to enhance the guest experience: Implement technology such as mobile check-in, keyless room entry, and in-room technology, to make the guest experience more convenient and efficient.

  • Collect and act on feedback : Regularly collect feedback from guests and use it to identify areas for improvement and to implement changes that will enhance the guest experience.

  • Provide additional services and activities: Offer additional services such as spa, pool, and fitness center, and activities such as yoga and meditation classes, which can greatly enhance guest experience.

  • Have consistent communication : Communicate clearly and consistently with guests, whether through email, phone, or in person, to keep them informed and help them feel valued.


Every pandemic has an end. Particularly heavily damaged have been hotels. However, every cloud has a bright side. The business world is being compelled to join the technological revolution. First, to adhere to social distance and safety requirements. After that, to improve effectiveness, interest, and seamlessness.

In the hospitality sector, contactless solutions like OS Guest Experience are very popular. Why?

They improve communication

Employees can perform their duties more easily.

Better decisions can be made with information.

You need to know what your customers want if you want to provide a 10 out of 10 experience.

Active participation is essential. But attitude alone is not always sufficient. What's going on? You can't watch what your staff do at all times. When they're not in the lobby, you have no idea what they're up to. What can be done to fix this? Invest in digital and technological solutions. All the time, make your team available via chat.

Connect customers and staff through devices:

Remove obstacles to communication by giving your guests (and workers) ways to get in touch with you whenever they want. For straightforward inquiries that a mobile device can solve more quickly and effectively, avoid travelling to reception. The remaining steps will go more easily, particularly in hotels that frequently have large lineups.

Help your staff:

Not all jobs in hotels are rosy. especially if you work at a busy hotel's front desk. There won't be any time. It might grow boring sharing information on a daily basis. It's a hassle.

You will need to use your interpersonal and soft skills for some of the tasks. For instance, resolving grievances, planning a romantic dinner, monitoring key occasions, or working with your teammates. That is the epitome of multitasking.

Frequently, receptionists may handle multiple tasks at once.

  • Complete all check-in and check-out procedures.

  • Manage reservations through phone and online.

  • Give details on the hotel, its charges, and its services.

  • React quickly and professionally to customer complaints.

  • Ensure that all rooms are spotless and organised to accommodate guests by coordinating with the housekeeping staff.

Sounds difficult, doesn't it? Hotels have jumped on the technological train for precisely this reason. Your staff won't have to waste time on some of these tasks if they have the appropriate equipment. No matter where they are, they can effortlessly and effectively manage all guest requests by using the proper digital guest experience solution.

Information, activities and sustainability related to hotels. Do you wish to improve the eco-friendliness of your hotel?

By putting all the information and services on one screen, you may save a tonne of paper and plastic. That is an additional method of providing top-notch service. These days, almost everyone is concerned about the environment. Also keep in mind that informed decisions are superior. Many problems in hotels could be resolved by patterns. You will receive immediate feedback and be able to respond in real time if you can capture everything that takes place within your hotel. And that is priceless in terms of the guest experience.


You should bear in mind several tech trends if you wish to wow your guests. The experience you want to provide them should leave them thinking, "Wow, that was fantastic, they truly cared about me." Think about the following characteristics:

1.Your mobile as a key.

This feature has already been described. Worldwide hotels are recognising this trend. With mobile key capabilities, visitors can use their phones to enter their rooms and any other hotel locations that require a magnetised plastic key card. The guest simply needs to open the hotel's app and touch unlock once they are a few feet away from the entrance.Try replacing these keys to see how much time and money you can save. Last but not least, don't forget to promote the environmental friendliness of your technology.

By doing this, you'll be able to impress your guests.

2. Food ordering and QR codes:

Our eating habits are drastically altering. Pizza, burgers, and Chinese cuisine were still the main restaurant-quality meals that could be delivered a little less than ten years ago.

Recently, food delivery has spread across the world. To keep up, hotels have begun introducing ordering systems. It's also quicker and less expensive. QR codes are widely used in this new ordering trend. In order to save money and paper, restaurants and hotels can print these QR codes and place them on the tables. The customer can browse the menu and place an order after scanning the QR code. exceptional user experience.

When the meal is ready, the restaurant will know which table placed the order, which will save time. In order to allow guests to access food from the chairs, many hotels have designed this system for their swimming pools. Additionally, it streamlines room service.

The likelihood that you will lose the transaction due to unneeded delays decreases when the path to buy is made shorter. Guests adore it.

3. Surveys. Enhance customer feedback before they check out of the hotel.

The industry has an opportunity thanks to digitalization. With operation systems, applications, and technology, we can go above and beyond to improve hotel guest service. How can you improve how well your guests rate you? Well. When you can aim for "the greatest," don't settle for just "fine." Measure the level of satisfaction of your guests and study their feedback in-depth and in real-time to spot any problems and potential development areas. also to act without delay. You need to be aware of how your guests are feeling at all times in order to give them the finest possible service. For each of your services and facilities, get qualitative and quantitative feedback to see where you might be able to make improvements.

Imagine if someone informs you that the dish was a little chilly after delivery. This can be mentioned on online booking sites after the trip. Before the guests go, you will now have the opportunity to reply. Send a bottle of wine, ice cream, or an apology instead. Although you ultimately have the final say, you now have the chance to turn a negative issue around. You will quickly develop world-class customer loyalty.

4. Making decisions based on data produces memorable hotel experiences.

The hotel sector is moving in the direction of digitization, or the use of digital technologies to transform business models and produce new income and value. The maturation stage issues that will be encountered in the upcoming years, however, point to one thing: The hotel staff and management will be able to visualize customer data and receive thorough reports on guest activities in real-time, so they will always be on top of things. You'll be able to decide more wisely. include spotting business possibilities and adjusting advertising for more revenue (hyper personalization). To sum up, the guest experience is everything in terms of a hotel's success. You develop consumer loyalty in this way. You can maximize your loyalty programmed in this way. A very sensible problem arises when one error occasionally has a greater impact than a hundred perfect ones. Organization, attitude, and communication. Operations managers will discover a gap between their strategy and the results if your staff is not ready. By assisting them, you can maintain employee motivation. Particularly for those who have to recite the same material every week. in particular those who put in time and effort on tasks that can be mechanized.

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